The area






Aalsmeer is a small village with only  26.500 citezens, with á rich culture. The community of Aalsmeer includes the towns   of Aalsmeer and Kudelstaart.

 Aalsmeer is famous for being the dynamic centre of the world-renowned and very international Dutch flower trade. From Flora Holland Aalsmeer

 (formerly known as the VBA), the largest flower auction in the world, flowers are distributed throughout the world. This enormous building houses

 about 350 companies and the lake called "de Westeinderplassen"

Even if you are less interested in the landscape, there is plenty to see: 

the biggest pilot shop in europe, wich is worth a visit,

the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen or the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer in Hoofddorp.

Shopaholics can visit the hypermodern centre of Amstelveen, Amsterdam’s posh area. Additionally, there are plenty of water sports to be done in this

 area. Choose between actively participating on the water or lounging on one of the terraces on the waterfront – or perhaps enjoy a wonderful cruise on

 the lake of Westeinderplassen.



It's a paeceful quiet area with all the facility's you need in walking distance, very nice to

spend your long weekend or even hollyday , there are plenty of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Golfcourses, riding stables swimmingpools bowling tenniscourts beach volleyball its to many to mention.

However it's worth looking into watersport in more detail. The Amstelland and Meerlanden area offers many possibillityes for all sorts of water sports on

 the local lakes of Westeinderplassen, Ouderkerkerolas, Grote Poel and Kleine Poel. You can fish, surf, sail. waterski, rent a motor boat or make a mini

 cruise. Its a pleasant place to be.


Nearest big city`s

Amsterdam 9 mls

Amstelveen 3 mls

Haarlem      7 mls

Zandfoort ( the beach) 12 miles