Aalsmeer Bed and Breakfast




      Hello, I am Ohan, owner of "Aalsmeer Bed and Breakfast ".

I'm living in a nice house called "Aalsmeer Bed and Breakfast", it has 5 bedrooms, 4 of them ar for rent.

The accomodation is situated at:

- Type Rating ( FSC )

- Flora Holland

- 10 minutes from the airport Schiphol ( by car or connexxion bus 198 to Hortentiaplein and short walk - 10 minutes )

- Flight Simulators Training Centre CAE Hoofddorp

- Amsterdam


Staying in the Aalsmeer Bed and Breakfast  brings several benefits for the tenant:

- Direct contact with owner

- Guaranteed low prices

- No agent or booking fees

- Free WIFI


Aalsmeer bed and breakfast is located in a very quiet residens and offers a good envoirement to study and relax at

 the same time.


Facilities within walking distance:


- Westeinder Plassen

- Supermarket, Barbershop, Snackbar and Farmacy

- In-and  Outdoor Swimmingpool

- Fitnessclub

- Busstop to Amsterdam ( connexxion 172 )



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